3 Simple Tips for Improving Your Affiliate Conversion Rates

3simple tips for improving affilate conversion

I did some research, wrote a good blog article, published it, and then sat on it for a few months. Now that your blog piece is finally getting some much-needed love and momentum from Google, people are pouring into the content you created months ago.

However, while receiving a steady stream of traffic, your blog article fails to convert those new visitors to your desired landing page — and, more significantly, into affiliate sales.

It’s one thing to write a blog article that’s optimized for SEO. Making a blog article that turns readers into buyers? That’s a completely other animal. Conversion rate optimization (or CRO for short) is an entirely other notion that bloggers must gradually understand.

However, regardless of your prior knowledge of CRO, there are a few simple tweaks that bloggers (particularly in Fiverr’s affiliate program) may do to improve their conversion rates immediately.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use three basic methods in your content right now to boost your conversion rates in our affiliate program:

1. Use the Fiverr Gig Ads Widget

Visualization is a very effective blogging technique. Most professional bloggers would never publish a piece without at least two or three photos and videos, and it’s because it makes your material more consumable (rather than pages upon paragraphs) and engaging.

The new Gig Ads Widget from Fiverr is a straightforward approach to meet both aesthetic and conversion goals at the same time. The widget accomplishes this by incorporating Fiverr’s most popular services directly into your website’s content.

Consider the following scenario: you have a comprehensive logo design lesson that includes step-by-step directions on how to create a new logo. You have a part after the training where you give options to designing your own logo, and Fiverr is one among those possibilities.

Instead than merely providing a standard affiliate link in this part, you may now display your users:

Click Here to Get Best Logo Design services

(** Affilate link discliminer ** This article contain affilate links to products that you may find useful. If you click on thedr link and you decide to purchase any of the product I will make commission for the sale of that product)

Read this post from our blog to learn more about the Gig Ads Widget.

2. Adding customer testimonials to your content

Customer testimonials are an essential part of every new buyer’s experience.

In fact, when asked how essential it is to read internet reviews before making a purchase, 38 percent of respondents said “very important,” and another 19 percent said “very crucial,” according to this Statista.com survey.

Based on those figures, adding a few customer testimonials to relevant areas of content is a simple way to enhance conversion rates that I see relatively few writers actually do.

It does not have to be extravagant. It doesn’t have to be text-based either. A simple screenshot like the one below will help your visitors feel more secure, as long as it’s included in the relevant area where you really discuss the individual vendor.

3. Deep links are more important than you think

When it comes to simple techniques to boost the conversion rate of your money posts, I can’t ignore the value of deep links.

When it comes to connecting, I see far too many blogs take the easy and lazy approach. They write an essay advertising a certain affiliate product and include dozens of links throughout it, but all of the links are generic and route the user to the home page.

Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes if you want to boost the conversion rate of your content. Would you be content to click on a home-page link in a section about animation videos or in a section about a specific seller? Certainly not!

From our data, we see a clear correlation between the usage of deep links and improved metrics all over the purchase funnel. It’s our responsibility as bloggers to make the customer experience and the transition to the advertiser’s site as seamless as possible if our goal is to improve the conversion rate.

How to create a deep link on Fiverr (to a specific Gig or category page):

1. Go to “Marketing tools” and choose “Default and deep links.”

2. Enter your preferred URL by using the “LP URL” button.

3. Copy your deep link by clicking on the “copy click URL” button.

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Bloger,youtuber,freelancer and affilate marketer.https://beacons.ai/earnmoneytips

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Andualem worku Taye

Andualem worku Taye

Bloger,youtuber,freelancer and affilate marketer.https://beacons.ai/earnmoneytips

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